Holy shnitzel it's been a long time! I know, I know, what the hell right? Well, I haven't forgotten about this blog. It's just been pretty hectic with me throughout my senior year and believe me, I've made several attempts to get started again but to no avail. But now since the semester is almost over and finals week has creeped its way into our daily lives, I find something from within compelling me to put something up.

I just took a good hard look at my blog before, and wow. I love it! I've forgotten how much work I've put into making this thing look the way I wanted (I like green =B). It involved a complete lack of html coding, a shitload of me not knowing what the hell I was doing, and a lot of trial and errors. Not too bad though right? Fuck me comparing this blog to the standards of Boing Boing or Neatorama or what have you.


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