i'm moving! (physically)

So I think I found an apartment I really like today. It's two bedrooms, a bath with a kitchen and living room and TONS of closet space! I'm a little scared to commit because I know there are a lot of other options out there for me, but I mean seeing this place for the first time, it really surpassed my expectations. And isn't it that initial gut feeling that counts the most? I wish I had taken some pictures but whatever. It's a bit on the expensive side though so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we can reach some sort of agreement on Thursday. I really hope it all goes through, I really like the place.

I'm learning CSS on my own and Jeff lent me his book on html and xhtml which was really cool of him. Shit is hard. @_@ Hopefully I'll finish what I've started for once. I NEED HELP!

Woo! Free screening of Wanted tomorrow with Anne, Jeff, and Chu! Ew, I just killed a mosquito with my hands and the leg was twitching and shit. Delicious.

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